What makes AMS Restoration the right choice for you?

Before we started repairing damage, we built custom homes for 20 years. Knowing how the house is held together really helps us make the right decisions when it comes to mold remediation and fire damage restoration.

We are a family-owned company, and we understand how important your family is to you. By scheduling mold and asbestos removal services for your home, you can be sure that your family is healthy and breathing easy. Our licensing is all through IRCRC. We've been restoring homes since 2010.

Stop Mold From Destroying Your House

Count on us when you need mold removal in Philadelphia, PA

Mold can often go undetected throughout the framework of your home. You might not be able to see it, but you can usually smell its stale, musty odor. You'll definitely feel its effects when you start wheezing and sneezing every time you enter your home.

AMS Restoration LLC can put an end to all the problems mold causes. Our mold removal services let you live comfortably again without the presence of mold hanging over your head.

Call 215-400-0647 today to find out more about mold damage restoration in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas.

Our damage restoration services
can improve your whole house

When you experience a disastrous fire or flood, it might feel like nothing will be the same again. Our water damage restoration services can make your scarred house feel more like home again. When doing restoration work, we take extra care to get every detail right.

Your home will look just like it did before the damage occurred. It might even look a little better. You can count on us to put your home back together after it has been damaged by offering:

Mold damage restoration

Fire damage restoration

Flooding and Water Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Restoration

Smoke Damage Remediation

Contact us now to request damage restoration services in Philadelphia, PA or the surrounding area.